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America's Song
For the Love of Music
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America's Song

The Negro Spiritual is the song birthed from America's tumultuous journey unto the powerful nation -that she has become. It is the song of the people on whose backs this country was built and yet advances today.

 Have you ever wondered what it was like to exist in America back in the years of yesterday?

The word-sounds of the slave, the oppressed brown brother and sister, the lower-caste, if you will, tells a story of hope, persistence and triumph that still holds  true in the souls of brown folk.

For the Love of Music

So this is my first attempt at a blog. Here it goes:


I love music and music loves me.

It chose me a long time ago and is coming to fruition in magnificent ways.

I grew up in a household where gospel, jazz, r&b, and the hits infiltrated my musical ear, coloring my palette in ways that are yet manifesting themselves. Classical music grabbed me at a later year, and I pursued it unto a Masters Degree in Vocal Performance.

Music has taken me abroad to Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, and other countries on the horizon.

Sing a Roy Song!

I love making music! Come join me for this unique musical experience. Roy Jennings of New York, NY has composed and arranged music with a flair unlike any other. Come hear the rendition of five illustrious ladies of song at the National Opera Center, 330 Seventh Ave., 7th Floor. 5pm Tickets $20 Purchase tickets at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-songs-of-roy-jennings-tickets-12520592429?aff=efbnen
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